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  • Tour Manager Of Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Amazing Story Of How Sally Arnold Entered The Intimate World Of Famous Rock 'N' Roll Stars

A nanny for the Jaggers to the worlds first female rock tour manager for Lynyrd Skynyrd to running charity events with Princes Diana & Elton John - read the life story of Sally Arnold the rock 'n' roll nanny who fell into an adventurous life most of us can only dream of. 
An amazing story

the book that explains how a nanny entered the world of rock 'n' roll

Sally Arnold grew up on a Wiltshire farm in the 1950s and trained as a Norland Nurse. An early client took her far from this world: Mick Jagger, who hired her to look after his daughter Jade. She then switched to minding grown-ups. 
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"She is tough and well experienced in dealing with show business egos.”

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