From nanny to rock ‘n’ roll legends tour manager, Sally Arnold is the original supernanny jumping from looking after children to the even harder job of looking after entitled rock stars.

Sally Arnold was the first female tour manager in the world of rock, and the first woman to have a tattoo over her mastectomy scar. Rock N Roll Nanny is her story, and don’t let the name fool you, it is about so much more than stories of rock stars and their antics. Rock N Roll Nanny is the true story of a trailblazing woman that ‘nannied’ some of the world’s biggest rock stars – this is her memoir.

Sally Arnold, a farmer’s daughter, qualified as a Norland Nurse (a uniform wearing professional nanny), and in 1971 she took a job in Paris, France that would change her life. She was the nanny for a little baby called Jade, the daughter of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. But nannying soon falls by the wayside, why look after rock stars children when you can look after the rock stars themselves? Well respected by the Jagger’s, it’s not long before she is working for the giants of rock as the first woman tour manager in the rock n roll business working with bands such as the Rolling Stones, The Who, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

After a successful career in the rock business, she moves on to organising charity events such as the first Comic Relief shows, where she must manage personalities such as Billy Connolly and Rowan Atkinson. And if they weren’t big enough, she also handled some very famous names including Prince Charles, Princess Diana and the Duke of Edinburgh to Mikhail Gorbachev and Poet Laureate Ted Hughes.

Rock N Roll Nanny is her story and how she survived as a woman in the world of rock and roll. It’s a wonderful and insightful read.

Overall, Rock N Roll Nanny by Sally Arnold is a fascinating and enjoyable true story of a remarkable woman. You don’t have to have an interest in rock and roll or music to enjoy this book, only a third or so is about the rock and roll world. A real behind the scenes look into the world of rock stars and the work that goes into looking after some of the biggest names in world music and arranging some very big events.

This book gives an excellent insight into what it is like looking after some big name personalities of the rock world and their egos, being strong enough to not only manage them but have them respect you. It is also a deeply personal look into the life of Sally Arnold; relationships, grief, drug taking and life changing illness.

Whilst a third of the book covers working with big name bands, the plane crash that killed several members of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd and her fiancé, the rest covers her life before becoming a nanny and then her charity work working with Comic Relief, The Who’s / Pete Townshend’s Double O charity as well as deeply personal issues around her love life, her breast cancer and being the first woman to have a tattoo on her mastectomy scar, being named one of Women of the Year in 1997 for all her tireless charity work and her love of travelling including a pioneering trip to China by train in 1973 when China wasn’t really open to tourists.

The book also features some of Sally’s exclusive personal photographs featuring rocks stars and royalty (although the quality isn’t the greatest in the book as they are small black and white images printed on paper – although you are directed to her website to see better quality ones).

The book is written in a frank, honest and easy to read fashion, openly talking about sexual encounters and drug taking in a casual way and whilst everything isn’t told it gives an excellent eye-opening insight into the world of rock n roll from behind the scenes.

Rock N Roll Nanny is a book for fans of rock and roll as well as an inspiring story of hard work, a woman succeeding in a man’s world and being well-respected for doing a fantastic professional job. It is a fascinating read and a book that is hard to put down. A memoir that just doesn’t just focus on rock and roll and the anecdotes of rock stars.

I've finished reading your incredible book entitled "Rock 'N' Roll Nanny". I wish to thank you so much for writing this very inspirational book!! I am a heart transplant recipient as well as a music teacher now. I am 66 1/2 years old and can relate very well with your words and sentiments. It was December 1965 that I asked my mom to buy The Who's debut LP "My generation" for me. By late October 1966, I was learning how to play guitar. It is now 56 years on, and I am still playing, performing, recording, composing, teaching guitar. 
I also simply adore Classical music. I even bought a Pickaso. It's a small, bow-like device that I use rosin with to create Cello and Violin sounds with my Taylor Acoustic guitar.
Ms. Arnold, what your book opened my eyes to is partially the following:
1. To be smart and stand up for yourself.
2. To not be so naïve and trusting.
3. To listen to your instincts and heart & soul.
4. To always due diligence and stay vigilant at all costs.
5. When you fall, pick yourself up again. And again...

David F

This is a memoir from a very attractive, intelligent and talented lady from England who trained to be a professional nanny along with a bit of nursing. She was recommended to work for Mick and Bianca Jagger when their daughter Jade was born in 1971. From there she transitioned to working for rock bands in various capacities such as road manager and manager for musical talents such as Peter Gabriel, The Who and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was particularly keen on reading about her relationship with Lynyrd Skynyrd as their tragic story is riveting and she was there for all of it. In fact, she almost boarded the plane that ultimately crashed in 1977 killing three band members and her beloved fiancée, assistant road manager Dean Kilpatrick.

I marvelled at how much she moved around, renting or selling apartments and cottages as her work situations evolved. She also worked for various charity entities setting up events, eventually starting her own event planning company. She even sat side by side with Princess Diana for some charity events, with some down to earth conversations to share, as well as photos of them together. Sally also collaborated with iconic Hollywood actor Paul Newman to utilize proceeds from his "Newman's Own" brand to funnel into UK charities.

Over the decades Sally had a multitude of romantic entanglements as she navigated celebrity circles, but none seemed to compare to her beloved and handsome Dean Kilpatrick who had tragically died in the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash in 1977. She travelled a lot when she needed to unwind after flitting from job to job and working so hard. She also battled breast cancer, but came out the other side unable to really work again. All in all this was an interesting memoir because of her energy, fearlessness in trying new things, and rubbing shoulders with many celebrities and rock stars. There are many personal photos of Sally Arnold with the rich and famous interspersed throughout the book.
Tudor Queen

What an interesting life adventure. You couldn't plan for a varied career as Sally had.
As a concert goers we never consider the planning, logistics of planning a concert let alone a tour.

This is an eye opener in to the amount of work needed and then add the ego's of the performers in to the mix.

Working to set up event's for charities and setting up own business.
A rollercoaster of experience and knowledge with big names. A fascinating glimpse behind the scenes.
Helen W

The music industry fascinates me and I am beyond excited to acquire this for our branch and share my thoughts. I can’t wait to read Sally’s behind the scenes stories touring with some of the most popular acts of her time. Many more thoughts and insight to follow.

The incredible true story of a farmer’s daughter from Wiltshire who became rock'n'roll’s first female Tour Manager, working with the Rolling Stones, The Who, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

While Sally Arnold’s story reads like a Hollywood biopic, things began rather quietly: she was raised on a farm in Wiltshire and trained as a Norland Nurse. However, when she landed a job as nanny to Mick and Bianca Jagger’s daughter, Sally’s life changed forever. From living with the Jaggers, she would go on to work for the Rolling Stones, The Who, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield and Lynyrd Skynyrd, becoming the first female Tour Manager in the rock business. It was a heady, glamourous time, but one also tainted by misfortune. Sally was engaged to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Stage Manager when the band’s plane crashed in 1977, tragically killing her fiancé and several of her friends.

Sally’s fascinating memoir lifts the lid on these intoxicating and often turbulent times. Her deeply personal story reveals the truth of an era filled with icons, music, drugs and sex. As a trailblazer for women in the music industry, not only has she known many of rock'n'roll’s biggest names personally, socialised with royalty and rubbed shoulders with members of state, but she has also lived and influenced a cultural zenith. Rock N Roll Nanny contains exclusive photographs and insights into the life of this remarkable woman, who made it in a man’s world against the odds.

Ashley B

Who knew I'd be crying over Lynyrd Skynyrd today? Not me, and yet it happened multiple times while reading the book.

It's safe to say those were my favourite parts of Rock N Roll Nanny, because the love Sally Arnold has for them and their music really shines through.

I loved reading about her time managing other bands too, it's always interesting to see into the lives of famous rock stars. And if you're looking for a book that does just that, then you're in luck, there's plenty of anecdotes to keep you entertained.

Other parts of the book cover Sally's life pre and post nannying and band management, and they're slightly less interesting than the band portions, but I wasn't bored while reading them.

As someone who likes to travel I really love that Sally visited so many countries, including Yugoslavia. I wish she had some better experiences there (I'm biased), but you can't control that. I wouldn't mind another book full of travel adventures.

Sally is also the first woman to have her mastectomy scar tattooed which I think is super cool.

Overall this was a pretty good read, one that I want on my shelf so I can read it again (and continue crying)

I set out to read more Non-Fiction in November and what a place to start. Sally Arnold grew up near here so I was instantly engaged in her life. After training as a nanny she landed a job working for the Jaggers…I’d happily have read a whole book about that. But she wasn’t done! She worked hard and broke the gender moulds of the 70s music industry to become the worlds first female Tour Manager, paving the way for change across the rock business.

As you can imagine, there is plenty of sex, drugs and rock n roll but there’s also so much more. She seemed to have a never ending energy and will to succeed despite heartache coming her way too. The sections about her love for Lynyrd Skynyrd I was particularly drawn to as it seemed she had found her place in the world, and all came together getting engaged to their road manager Dean Kilpatrick. Until tragedy struck, a plane that she narrowly missed crashed killing Dean and three members of the band. Heartbreaking. However, Sally went on to work with and for celebrities and their charities- Elton John and Princess Diana being my particular highlights before facing breast cancer herself; she was the first women to tattoo her mastectomy scar. What a women- the actual definition of #girlboss

I also loved that there are pictures interspersed throughout- I’m not normally a fan but in this context worked perfectly to highlight the hectic nature of her lifestyle.

It gave me real life vibes of Old Familiar Places, so if you are a music fan of any kind you will love this one. I did and my music tastes are so not cool!
A Mothers Musings

Rock n Roll Nanny is an interesting and insightful memoir about Sally Arnold who worked with some big Rock n Roll legends families as a nanny starting from the 70s when she worked as a nanny for the Jaggers.

What an inspirational lady Sally is - this book tells of her life experiences, many job roles, highs and lows, friendships and losses and what an amazing job she has done at penning it to paper. What an smiling life and life story she has to tell! 

Sally also worked on events with other famous people such as Elton John and Princess Diana to name just two! Sally started her life as a farmers daughter and this book shows how hard she has worked to be where she is and live the life she has. I enjoyed how the book built in her diary extracts which added extra depth to the memoir. This lady is truly awe inspiring and I highly recommend picking this book up!
Natalie H

Meet Sally Arnold, we hear about her younger years and her family history and it is quite an impressive history with impressive wealth and contributions. We follow Sally through her training as a nurse and then how she goes on to be a nanny for Mick Jagger and then her impressive career of managing huge names in rock and roll, amazing contributions to charity and the darker side of rubbing shoulders and mixing with celebrities.

As you would imagine the books covers exposure to substances, unsavoury people and Arnold touches on her own experience of being abused/people in power abusing that. Some of the antics and behaviour is quite appauling of these celebs.

Arnold also catalogues her heartbreak and loss, how they found out about the plane crash with the band Lynard Skynard and how many of her experiences shaped her future path.

It is a really interesting read, shocking that even in those circles people are not above being nasty/bitches to get ahead and stand on others. The author includes personal collection photos so there are some of celebs I hadn't seen before. If you like memoirs and reading about life in the circles of the rich and famous you have both with this as we go with Arnold before during and after. She has led a very interesting and successful life with her no nonsense attitude

I don't know about you but anytime I can "live" vicariously through the eyes and stories of another, I will run right toward it. The idea of a woman who first started out being part of the Rock and Roll time, first as a nanny to a famous kid, and then coming into her own managing these types of bands and artists, I am all there.

The times were so unique, with many social changes, and obstacles to deal with...


Sally Arnold lived the rock'n'roll fantasy that most fans could only dream about. Hanging out with famous musicians, meeting the rich and famous, and seeing exotic places are only the surface of that reality, however. Even with some background in concert photography and interviewing many an artist myself back in "the good ol' days", I was astonished to read of the unending, constantly changing list of responsibilities she shouldered just to get the artist onstage, let alone keep them alive and healthy.

What from the distance looked alluring was tiring, frustrating, and required her to be on alert and ready at all hours. Just reading the tasks she handled, from setting up offices to supervising stage set-up and frequently not-very-cooperative artists, to managing to herd the often egotistical, wasted performers on stage, was exhausting. From her beginning working as a nanny, honest, she was trained at a highly respected school, for Mick and Bianca Jagger after the birth of Jade, to working on all aspects of mega-shows for the likes of the Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Rolling Stones, the Who and others, to charity events that brought her into contact with the likes of royalty, Arnold navigated it all in an admirable way.

That said, tho' I'm probably odd man out here, I found myself as intrigued by her early travels as her rock'n'roll experiences. True, reading of how she taught Mick how to change a "nappy" (British terms used) to Charlie Watts taking her shopping for baby supplies for Jade added a touch of reality, but so, too, did her experiences traveling to the likes of China and Russia via the Trans-Siberian Railroad. This was at a time when foreign travelers of either sex there were rare and not only looked at with suspicion but frequent targets of theft. Amazingly, she seemed to love every moment of it, even being held for a time when her Visa proved incorrect. She also details later travels that are a delight to read but I was most impressed by her courage as a young girl taking on her dream of travel against some pretty big odds. Her experiences and travel both seem to have colored her world.

Those with an interest in not just rock'n'roll but how the music/touring industry works will find this a fascinating read. If you're into travel and other cultures, so much the better. There's lots of name-dropping, of course, but that doesn't distract from the real story, a young woman overcoming odds to find her place in the world, a world that ultimately included surviving cancer.

Thanks #NetGalley and #SilverwoodBooks for introducing me to Sally Arnold. What a fascinating life she has led.
June Price

Rock N Roll Nanny is a memoir by Sally Arnold, a woman raised in a prestigious family in England who eventually helped build the foundation of classic rock.

Sally Arnold started her rock and roll journey nannying for Mick Jagger’s baby in 1971. She quickly developed relationships with various musicians and rock stars. Her relationship with Lynyrd Skynyrd was my favorite part to read about. It is the sweetest thing to read her behind the scenes experiences and it’s incredible how much work goes into being a tour manager. I was heartbroken every time she mentioned the plane crash and couldn’t believe how close she was to boarding that plane.

This memoir describes a life very well lived, and one that had so much purpose. The various charities and her gratitude for growing up in such a privileged way was humbling.
Amberlyn Bonavita

I've just finished reading your incredible book entitled "Rock n' Roll Nanny".
I wish to thank you so much for writing this very inspirational book!!
I am a Heart transplant recipient as well as a Music teacher now.
I am 66 1/2 years old and can relate very well with your words and sentiments.
It was in December 1965 that I asked my mom to buy The Who's debut LP, "My Generation for me.
By late October 1966, I was learning how to play the guitar. It is now 56 years on, and I'm still playing/performing/recording/composing/teaching guitar.
I also simply adore Classical music. I even bought a Pickaso. It's a small, bow-like device that I use rosin with to create Cello and Violin sounds with my Taylor Acoustic guitar.
Ms. Arnold, what your book opened my eyes to is partially the following:
1. To be smart and stand up for yourself.
2. To not be so naïve and trusting.
3. To listen to your instincts and heart & soul.
4. To always due diligence and stay vigilant at all costs.
5. When you fall, pick yourself up again. And again...

Rock N Roll Nanny by Sally Arnold was hard to put down. From her start as nanny for Mick and Bianca Jagger to her wild times with The Who, the Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sally made her mark and became the first female tour manager. 

The chapters about her time with Lynyrd Skynyrd had me reading late into the night and I had to watch their Old Grey Whistle Test performance on YouTube, as Sally suggested in the book. I also watched the clips of Peter Towhshend On The South Bank Show, part 5 which Sally was included in. After her time in the music industry ended, Sally focused on charitable endeavors and battled breast cancer. I loved all of her stories about her time with the bands and really enjoyed the photos she included.

Monica C

Loved this book! Sally Arnold has led a fascinating life, with many highs and lows. She starts out as a nanny to Jade Jagger, but as she gets older, her career evolves into managing tours for bands, including the Who, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

So interesting reading all the behind the scenes of the rock stars, the work that goes into organizing a tour, and the many hats you have to wear. Rock and Roll Nanny, indeed!

What a lady! This was a truly enlightening read about the life of Sally Arnold aka Rock n Roll Nanny. From being a nanny to some of the biggest rock stars to tour manager and then starting her own business she is really a remarkable lady. Not only did she do all this, but she also overcame breast cancer and is such an inspiring woman. She is the first woman to have a tattoo put on her mastectomy scar.

She worked as a Norland Nurse, which is how she first met Mick and Bianca Jagger. She also became the Tour Manager for The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Peter Gabriel. This gave her the opportunity to also travel around the world.

I loved reading about her time as a nanny and tour manager as she said herself it was much like looking after children with some of them! She sounds so organised and her attention to detail was amazing. She really did do everything for these children and rock stars alike.

I haven't read many memoirs but this one was fantastic and a truly inspiring story.